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Villard L. Cord, MarieLaReine
демо-трек к "лунному" альбому (дуэт)
Dementa Luna
Selena: What do I see inside the mirrored lake of moonlight dreams? Is it me who fall into tears? Forgive before I go… Thou thought that I never could ever accomplish the turn… There is something I’m still holding on… Riflesso: Feel what is lost beyond the mirrored plate There’s something you’re still holding on There’s something that you still regret And you try to remain in the silvering liquor of moonlight… …embracing thy shape and thy heart… She can be so tender, so close, so inspiring But ever she fades… And her kisses the last will you taste… Selena: I tried to be the one to fight through the furious storm But there’s nothing I can The candle is losing her flame... Believing you... Inventing you... Was my mistake and now I fall into the eye of pale reflected ugly pain... Here with my moon I’m ever fey... (decay...) Riflesso: Feel what is lost beyond the mirrored plate There’s nothing you keep holding on in the time There’s nothing that cost all the cries Whoever, whatever, a human or demon The moon will be cradling you now and then… So what is the purpose? And who is that ghost in the past That remembers your kisses last… ‘neath the moonlit vast…