The World Where Shadows Come To Life
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Музыка и текст: Андрей "Архонт"
The World Where Shadows Come To Life
Valiant Music
I see the Starlight And I feel the pain So it's been And shall be tomorrow My wings are clipped But I'm trying to fly Over and over again I wake up in tears Wishing not to leave The luring realm of shadows Where I am free Where I am welcomed Where is my heart and my friends Bridge: Tell me, The Great Creator From beyond the sky Why do these visions fill my mind Maybe these dreams are real And there I belong I've been born here But it may be wrong Chorus: Save us, The Illusion King Darkness Burns from within Come back Fight for tomorrow I pray for the time to come And I will be gone The life I was used to Is breaking apart Oh my God! Maybe I am insane? And all my visions Are just nonsense Of the mind tired of everyday life