Under Bloody Sun
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Андрей "Архонт"
Saga Of Eternity
I see another day falling down with lies I see Tomorrow - that's my bloody curse I feel my rage again - the Bloody Sun will rise So Joker cry out - you have lost! Fire In my soul Spawns shadows Erases my eyes My Gift Is stronger, But madness Is a terrible price You've returned but understand me right Fly away back home So many years - why did you come here now To rule or separate? I don't know the words of love I was born for might The greatest power was given me by Gods It's not my choice - Just a roll of dice So Joker cry out... You're just a shadow Darkness In my soul Scaring And killing my mind Tell me My Master Did you know? Or were you so blind? Under Bloody Sun I lead you The Time has come Our way Is so long But never close your eyes in darkness Try to see the light We see the light Misleading light