The Holy Last Conversion
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The Day After
Dark mystery of winter midnight forest Enthralls my soul with magnificent force, Pure grew cold mind draws all rest – And ears hear the call… “Awaken and come now Not to obey, but to gain infinite strength. The spell black words are waiting for Thou – Just do now declare them!” For I am tired of simple life burden: Those moral principles that make me vomit, Pathetic clambering on stairway to… heaven? Of all those whom I observe in disgust And hatred… Hatred! Nо mercy. Guilt. Chaos, reborn into a new form, Is now I – enthroned Lord of the Night. Black Sword of yet required defense For the Chosen from herds of men. I have no flesh – it is a fate of mortal. I am a Spirit built of hardened thought. I am a Black Messiah, a False Prophet, But not the one whom they’ve been waiting for. Conversion done – The Holy Last Conversion! New Age of Strong will come, And I will lead it to the throne of decontaminated planet The holy work must be done In order to release from rotten life net. The soil will drink red sordid water, Spilled from the dusted veins of humans. For future flowers to grow it will be mortar, For future men to appear it will be The Start. The clearing fire will seize the fields, Blood will be taken away by rivers. Until I see them in havoc with lowered shields, I won’t unbrace the grasp and deconvert.