Victory (Nonexistent Faith)
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The Day After
Ancient superstitions – modern faith, A way to explain – a way to be like others. Dependency of ignorance – fear of grave, An insurance against death. Minds eye pointed to wrong direction… We are from outside, long ago exiled – By our own minds… With preserved dignity and clear eyes – We are the warfare against religious lies! We never believe and do not perceive The ravings of sick “god’s messengers” – We are to relieve and to convince. To be the shepherds of men – Miserable, brain downtrodden, Induced in filth named sanctity. They hope that a piety and a prayer can save, Practicing weak-willed groveling. They waste their lives as their “faiths” do crave: Leaving no place for wandering. They die with the only hope – to see the continuation… Of what? Of suffering in the name of faith? Maybe the time has come – time to realize?! Awake! Do not let your existence be cut-and-dried! Abandon this world with its moral system to get to know the true life! A life with no limits, commands and with a will to feel – Not a simple loops infinite repeating, but a manifold of moments to thrill! Destroy the trammel! Join us!