The Dream
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Над треком работали
Игорь Лапин, Сергей Фомин
Здесь попытались сотворить darkwave... Как всегда получилось что-то суицидальное... Вокал - Игорь Лапин. Все остальное - Игорь Лапин и СергейФомин. Не без влияния Lacrimosa… В целом, песня красивая.
One Lifeway
FFF Rec.
I've seen a broken rainbow in the sky, - There isn't a pretty teenager who can fly... But there's another world (it's obvious!), Where looking for him is inspire the hope in us. Listen, boy, try to understand my tale About him, whose came in sight in gale. I remember he wanted to learn the battles, -- His first battle was fight against evil apples. The foes was arriving - he didn't reduce the activity. T'was happened however - his mother has got in captivity... Then he went to liberate her (I don't to rock) And hardly he didn't became the food for crock. And yet, the monster of spleen ate his mother, But he also prepared the battle another. He destroyed the monster, being in the van, And universally peace has become once again. I believe I'll see the intact rainbow in the sky, I'll meet that pretty teenager who can fly... Good night...