Sunny Goddess
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Денис Бесков, Band-in-A-Box, Cakewalk
The Thirst and The Lust
Vоx'n'Silence Productions
On the one of those days, I can hardly recall The time and the place, well, I think it was fall There was a moment when I caught your eye And still the image of you lives in my mind chorus: So you're gonna name me evil You gonna blame my wickedness But I've gone beyond retrieval Into the land that you posess When the future's uncertain and it feels so alone I know — the darkest time is just before dawn To be the one of the thousands, a drop in the sea I cannot bear — it's not for me chorus To reach for the sky and touch the sun Ain't easy a task, but you're the one Who gives me strength, who gives me light Who gives me wings to go on in my flight chorus