I seek you
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TIPS FOR ENGLISH SPEAKING USERS: To listen Lo-Fi version -- click "... Lo Fi" above To listen Hi-Fi version -- click "... Hi Fi" above To download the track -- click "... (4.9 Мб)" above DESCRIPTION: I seek you... It's all about our real up-to-date life. We are seeking connection with other people, we need it. It's not easy. From virtual network to real meeting. That's track is about. And now what voices said! It's in Russian. Man (M) is looking for somebody… He runs ICQ, tries to contact something, and gets refusal (tension part in the track)... After getting so bad experience he relax and trying it again. ICQ... new attempt... Wow! He’ve just found somebody who wants to chat... She (G) is very nice... And finally she gives him her number... And he decided to CALLS HER... Let’s listen to their conversation: M Hi! Is it you? (...tense pause...) G Yes, it's me! M How are you? G Fine! M What are you doing? G Speaking with you :) M You know, I like your voice… G Thanx! M I’m glad to hear you. It’s so difficult to find somebody... G I like to chat, thank you for your contact… M Who are you? What do you like? Tell it! It’s interesting for me... G Well... So many….I don’t know... M MAYBE… HAVE A MEETING? (...another tense pause...) G OK! Finally you hear the bang of the door. He is on the way to see HER :)
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