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Альтернативный рок
Gone What are you waiting Out of the door These streets are clean Nobody`s here There`s no one searching you for more Diggin thoughts in your mind Punishing tears left behind Feeling is killing You start to scream That everything is allright! Pre chorus: It`s got to be done now! It`s got to be done now! Hiding away from the lights Thinkin of death gets you unblind No solutions for mistakes It`s time to kill your fuckin pride! Pictures of emptines are gripping your head so bad, so bad, so bad! Up straight in the dark Up straight on a sun Two days of insanity It`s time to run Calm down. Fear of ending of all is gettin you tight So cold inside Chorus: All words look insane Problems do we know As far we forget about yesterday Probably tomorrow we won`t know I am sick of loving Embracing my mind Where did i go wrong Sorry if I am gone! Pre chorus: It`s got to be done now. It`s got to be done now.