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Tragedy. 1. I can feel everything in my life, You can see everything in my eyes. But only you don’t believe me today - I don’t know why, maybe you’ll say. I don’t believe that your love has gone But if we part we will stay alone. What’s happened, baby? You’re not with me! You needn’t worry – now you may see that… Refrain: …Our love is a tragedy But I don’t know how To find the remedy To get rid of love. 2. I remember the taste of your kiss, That you’ve lost today on my lips. There were fire and flame, But sometimes I think it’s a game. There is a precipice between us. I know it’s difficult, but I must To stay with you just for a minute or two – I have to leave you though I still need you. (Accords: 1& 2: Em, D, C, D; Refrain: C, D, Em, G)