I Was Born
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I was born. 1. Guessing the words that for people were so strange, I’ve never thought about the girl I love now. There were the girls, who made me sad, Filled up with nothing and regret, And I expected something more I have now. Refrain: I don’t believe that people can’t be kind, That everything depends on money, You know I was born with fire in my mother’s eyes And I will carry it into the eyes of my honey! 2. For several years I saw her in the street, But never thought about her as a lover. Everything changed at once that night. Deep in my heart there was a light That made me think that she will be My children’s mother! _______ They told – I was cold, without any love in my heart to the girls. Now I know – they were wrong: there is no any ice in my heart to my girl. (Accords: 1& 2: C, Fmaj+7, Am, G; Refrain: Fmaj+7, C, G, G Fmaj+7, C, G, G Fmaj+7, C, Am, G Fmaj+7, C, G, G _____ C, Fmaj+7, Am, G)