Slumber Stopped The Time
10:05 19 0 7 лет
Painted By Pain
Slumber stopped the time, Obliterated limits of existence, Made my world unreal And not accessible for comprehension.. Universes flash in my eyes, My body falls down into the dark abyss - I feel it's lightness, integrity, eternity... Slumber stopped the time, Shown my world dying, My past - covered by mould, And my present - in the shadow of unreality. I am on the edge of madness, On the brink of ruin, on the verge of despair. I can't understand that lightness Of my unusual condition. Slumber will peep in the corners of mind, Will change all my essence, Will turn inside out my useless flesh, Will rape my desert soul. But just when the slumber will open the mystery, When dreams' keeper will raise a curtain - Minutes of time will flow in centuries Lifetime – For me is death time.