Funky Lex - Night Effect
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Funky Lex & SunSet Production
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Как то раз шол домой ночью и заметил что сегодня фонари не горели,и всё окружающее выглядит совсем по другому
SunDrugs Rec
Припев going home dead silence blinded ridiculous but surely find the way I like the light, I hear, baby go to bed crazy endlessly silhouette, a sense of night effect куплет 1.yeah, I saw everything in color night, I'm right behind someone that is not sight, why? may go mad, can embrace sad, but being here late for the train, train passes my fate, whoos hates me, I gain a rate, I am getting the main thing, trying to link the chain quietly heard only rustle of something vhose, in that trust? midnight light of the moon then ceases to darker, more mysterious, different visions, it is difficult to parse what it is,please tell me what's to Metter, as can be done better? If I run between flickering weakly shining light in the window, such as heading up run but still down, it seemed as though there below uderground, found, found that the brightness, you have to pass, a tunnel can be seen, black and white spaces припев 2. wake up, wake up Lex, you're jerking and begged for help that something terrible was telling, and then fell off the bed, it's bad, Waiting, Wade again to the tunnel? amazing! stoop, What the fuck with my brain? Where am I? relax you act like insane, do not visible wherever you are and who you are? all dark, I'm awake? What the fuck? someone said it in my mind, it do not have the present, and suddenly something caused a shine, again black and white tunnel, I was throwing out on the avenue may be a final, just to go home has become a big problem, I cried, after a while it became lighter, now it is clear that it was morning, the night confused, I was using and what is warning