Obedience Necessary
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Posthumous Blasphemer
Putrespermfaction Versus Fertiholyzation
OBEDIENCE NECESSARY To obey salvation, not to obey destruction It’s really merciless isn’t it? Why do you need masses? Do you want to defend them All have sinned and what about you? Faith required Hammering the fear in bodies You want obedience You need a scared flock “Obey the gospel or be lost” “Receive not false teachers” I hate you A fool doesn’t know that he is a fool You want to comment all of these With your sense You are seeking evil Hiding it everywhere All that do not obey you are enemies All who are against you must die “Believe or die in sins” “Repent or perish” Why is there not a private interpretation? You need people for your fat life “No discipline or manual needed” You make you own paradise on earth Obedience is when cows are going into slaughterhouse Not knowing where they are leaded