Disdain The God
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Posthumous Blasphemer
Putrespermfaction Versus Fertiholyzation
Disdain the god Ignore this shit If this vermin exists Kill him if he stands near your heart Annihilate the christian penetration They say the god is looking onto our life He is spying on every step we do His glance is chained to our back He disdains and ignores you The priest’s already tired Of convictions of his living He wanted his own amusement This shit created a man But does he know that we like independence? They deform the mankind By breaking into soul We don’t need a tyrant that tortures our life To disdain this shit is the only way We are not the divine service sheeps To disdain this shit is the only way Ignore this vermin at the head with fucking creator This divine shit is not for us Dictator - you must die