Confession Through Anal
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Posthumous Blasphemer
Putrespermfaction Versus Fertiholyzation
Do you know what they are doing in temples and churches? Do you see another side of this religious life? Do you hear children’s cries and orders of priests? Do you feel your hate against the god-fucked servants? They’re teaching children free They have theirs bodies It always transforms into brutal pedophilia Crucifixions are on the walls Icons are looking onto your faces They only want more and more Let’s rape children for your god Only public execution Dissection with a blunt knife Crush your head with a rusty axe Thanks to your god Just give them flesh and you will see You will become dedicated Flesh will be speared by god force God is inside your hole Stumps of your body are for maggots You will feel a total desire Your god will take you with agony Your soul will be burnt by our hate After your deeds you must be killed and burnt Fuck your faith and church, let it burn with you