Evil From The Primitive Things
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Posthumous Blasphemer
Putrespermfaction Versus Fertiholyzation
Evil from the primitive things - it often arises in me When I see these vermins around I have disgusting feelings I hate these pigs who want to get the paradise Giving their money to double pigs I want to vomit when I hear these learned phrases These fucking maggots ask to help the “poor” church This carrion will not stop eating our money Evil from the primitive things - I want to see your death They are the part of well-prospering system Religious monster is accessible to all Why must the servants of shit Devastate our pockets and with them our soul? Why must they get our mercy for their Churches and fucking son of shit called “god”? You are victims of these abortions in chests Other “god” needs your money, candles and prayers Somebody tells me to take a blunt knife And cut these animals with crosses on chests Their god is infection that’s fixed by snails They need a dictator that limits every deed