Tell Me The Way
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Struggle da Preacher
Yo, yo You know, it's your boy Struggle da Preacher, yahmsayin Right.. you know, it's been i think only a month since i know you But still got great feelings for ya, yahmsayin So just like, i dedicate this song to my girl, you know To Oksana, yahmsayin My little bolla, my little girl, yahmsayin, yo [Chorus]: Tell me the way to your heart and i will find you Tell me the way to your heart, yes I'll find you Tell me you will wait for me Baby tell me the way to your heart And say that you miss me [Verse 1]: I've already told you everything i wanted to It's not that i write this song to give a hint to you I confessed my love looking in your eyes Last time when i saw you so you could realize How big my feelings are Though i might look bizzare but still i aint give a fuck Cuz my love to you is bigger than world You could understand it when i came to Petersburg You were expecting an errand-boy to bring you flowers but then you saw me playing his role, there are no doubts [Chorus]. [Verse 2]: I've no idea what's important for you in this life i'm gonna tell you about myself without any lies I need a girl like you, i need my only one I aint feel like looking for one by dating some I see you to the core, i see the way you are I aint got no illusions but i got sober mind We got so lot in common sometimes it scares me I think i'm talking to myself in front of mirror But just to make it clear - i wanna be with you You know that i am real and i am true But it's all up to you, you got your life to live You got so many guys that you can be with I aint tryna compete i am just givin my love away one day you can compare if they treated you well Dont forget what i said not to make you upset Cuz i worry for you more than i do for myself Always know one thing no matter whats gonna happen I'm gonna be there for you just to make you happy [Chorus]. Yo you know, i so hope you gonna tell me the way to your heart Because i'm eager for it so so badly It's like i need it alot, yahmsayin That's why i'm in this booth right now Recording this song for you, you know So you can always have my voice with you Wherever you are, you know So i'm gonna be there with you as well Just in your heart