You are too shy
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Тоша, Тоша, Саша, Яша, Оля
I know what you want
История создания
One girl - one track
Epic Win EP 2011
You’re heading right direction stopping choice on me Just waiting for some action, know what you mean Girl from the underground, hesitating child World is so dangerous around Ray from the scanner blind you green grey brown eyes May you discover something new or something nice? They look like gents but now they’re thinking ‘bout your price Modesty increases an amount What is your name Where are you from Why you are here Having fun will force to disappear Disappear, disappear You’re funny you’re funny You don’t but I know for you how to be satisfied I’m running I’m running Downtown into the night to buy a couple of hearts They gonna They gonna Make it cool but one minute later brake it all Dark silence sweet comma Our incredible world is very very small Now tell me please where are you from? The morning dream is so heartwarming, so clear You know your carnal dirty feelings must be killed But stars are whispering about to sacrifice Victims are enjoying on the ground Girl from the world collection, hesitating kid Just waiting for some action, rounded by crowd You don’t mean that you’re queen with hellish eyes We are falling falling falling down