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First Jump
I have wings, I shall fly up highly, I of bats tears a brain. I have learned for a long time, force of this music to not stop. I am real man, I am strong man in a stream of the ideas, I see the big trace of musical waves. They go after me, I their Hera. Me to not stop, I go forward and I see dynamite which I undermine those whom hate. I love music, but I do not love those who to me impedes, their ideas stupidly thaw, and I attack. Try tell a word, and you impact blow on time. My hour, I gift shall not spend out, I of bats will give you distribution. I Lil N.Js. I Mr. L.N.B. Mine of bats as a virus, to all of them are infected, and there is no vaccine! Your minus to be below, my plus here on top where L.N.B. Swings, and all breaks off. I sit and I look downwards, epidemic of music carries away your prize. My world - a world of music! My strength is growing, my ghost sound you will break! Come out against me! I'll blow your brains! And then the soldier will break your army! I did not win, but you can try! You laugh at me, but you soon laughing! Do you think that the stronger you mistake!! More Say the word and you'll get Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!