Fine! Shine!
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Eugene Titkov, Eugene Komarov
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История создания
The first track, Fine! Shine! gave name to the whole album. It was created in a hospital in the department of Cardiology, where Eugene Titkov lay on the survey. It was just a song with words and the main melody. Eugene Titkov not had not slept it was one of the longest nights in his life. There was a 60 year old patient, seemingly crazy, walking down the hallway and was reading some touching love poems to a young nurse. In the next section, a patient lay sleeping with a sick heart, yet the doctors at the Emergency Care worked to save lives. Some of the expected and unexpected events in such a place allowed a vivid picture of the struggle for life and happiness to cross Eugene Titkov's mind, both for Eugene himself and for others. As Eugene Titkov has said, many of the characters and events in this song is very closely associated with an alternative history of the Earth, carefully implemented in the famous TV series Battlestar Galactica. Being at the hospital did not stop the work on the song and it was first done by mobile phone from the Cardiology department's corridor.
Fine! Shine!
e-gens studio
We thought they wouldn’t do They will not pass through Now we are a few Who is faithfully true We had to land We have survived to defend The world whence we are Now it so is far Fine! Shine! We head for the skyline We denied a half-life We shall survive We shall revive Try! Fly! From hell to Eden light From the depth to treasured height I know it is right Just take the invite We sat down in the ships We are ready to trips To second’s readout There’s danger around We pray and we cry And waves all goodbyes Tears fall on signs Millions left died Since the oldest times We are born and we die With only one hope Doom passes this globe We know, that will be As we fight to be free And while these songs we sing Foe won’t have wing Written by Eugene Titkov