That is Your Prize
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Eugene Titkov, Eugene Komarov
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История создания
Track 6 - That Is Your Prize - was the third song created on the album. Surprisingly, this track came about quite accidentally when Eugene Komarov was establishing 15 account versions of the arrangements for Save the Love, one of e-gens first songs. The text and melody were generated by Eugene Titkov on his way to work while listening to some rough arrangements of Save the Love. It was as if poetry had poured down from heaven. Most of the text was written during instantaneous correspondence on ICQ. We were very impressed with the results. This song is about love karmic issue between a man and a woman. As far as love can be selfish? So, that might not be love. That's what this song.
Fine! Shine!
e-gens studio
What happen to me? What happen to you? I try to get all of the things that you do I gather your tricks and get more than enough I'm full of your crazy love You lift me higher with great desire You think that you are my queen And I pretend I’m your bondman I’ve seen what truly need you my mad queen It is my cry about sin And all that you have realized is shame for you That is your prize What happened to me? What happened to you? I try to make sense of what you want do I don’t even know what to tell you I see we suffer it’s true Written by Eugene Titkov