Heart to Heart
4:40 28 0 7 лет
Над треком работали
Eugene Titkov, Eugene Komarov
imroved album version
История создания
"Heart to Heart" (the 7th track on the album) was almost entirely created by Eugene Komarov. Eugene Titkov came up with the chorus melody; it was inspired by the magnificent theme verse and perfect romantic arrangement which they improved upon. This is a conceptual song says Eugene Titkov. Melting Away was the original former name of the song. The original lyrics went: "I have something to lose with each passing day more and more. All this run away through me at a furious pace, taking my particles with him. I’m like a palace conceal from the sand, the surf wash events, the winds of time eroded conceal. I’m melting away. Trying to stand still conceal. So, from me, one thing remains lifeless body. Everything else remains in history. But you know, not the body I worry, but that will leave in the past. This is my story. It is my eternity. And I'm afraid to leave there the same lifeless, desolate something, stuffed to overflowing matter. It is scary to watch the story birth in the future. My body will be in the future, a symbol of this story. I have something to lose with every passing day more and more..."
Fine! Shine!
e-gens studio
I lose something I lose something every day All it’s rushing Through my brain like hurricane Like a castle Built with sand I fade away Winds blow down me I'm still standing on my brae But I don't wanna fade out And say goodbye To live and wait the last bout It will pass by And I am rising off my land I reach out you my open hand We could remain and fall apart But we are here Heart to heart I lose something I lose something more and more Time erase me Wash me to the vital core There is one thing What is left here one and all This is that gleam What we all bring long ago I look for you I look for you everywhere One who feels too One who do, one who does care Till we all met Till we all met here and there We’ll keep losing We’ll keep whisper idle prayer Written by Eugene Titkov