I am alive
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Фёдор Трухачев, Михаил Трухачев, Сергей Мулярчик, Александр Назарович
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Федор Трухачев
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Михаил Трухачев, Сергей Мулярчик
Реинкорнация трека "Я Живой"
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Verse 1. Night. Headlights apart. Ride. Move away from this boredom. I have tried to give all to my life. Life tooks all, but forgot me. Fear. Fear's already behind. Darkness. World on the line. squalid. Crash has turned all of my dreams. In to ashes and cover with it my roads. Pre chorus. In the bustle of shadows through continuous stream. Among all of my thoughts blocked hysterical scream. Chorus. I'm alive. Death is close to my eyes. Attracting me down. Promising quiet. But I'm alive. I'll never stop our fight. But where can I get strength enough to survive. Verse 2. Sound interrupts my dream. Loud. Suddenly becomes a thunder. Pain fills up my mind Pain embraced in a flash by fire. Time. How much time left to me. I am feeling cold so clear. Voice, native voice I can hear. Here. I'm with you. I'm near. Pre chorus. Chorus. Verse 3. Here is my body i see. But for the soul it's an attire. Gloom. There is nobody near. Fear. My hope is dying