Bells of Paris
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Танцевальная поп-музыка
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Alexander Eresh
Автор музыки и стихов Dieter Bohlen
История создания
Перепевка песни Modern Talking. Хотел перевести на русский язык и исполнить. Планирую это сделать в будущем...
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Oh, I gave you my heart Every little bit You're holding me till the night is gone Oh, my little heart really blue apart When you touched me You hold so strong Now, you're looking in my eyes And I feel the need I will try to make your dreams come true Nothing else I do Only loving you And I never will tell you lies Bells of Paris You steal my heart away Bells of Paris Remembering that day Bells of Paris When I met you on the Champs-Elyse?s in that old caf? Bells of Paris Coming up to me Bells of Paris Like a fantasy Bells of Paris I met you in the Paris' lights And I fell allright Oh, you stood in the light of an old caf? You're flaming nice breaking up my heart And you danced in the night in the magic light And you gave my live a brand new start Oh, you fed my love to your hungry soul And I see an angel in your eyes Want you take my hand to a wonderland I will take you to paradise