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Chaotic Noiz
Total Recall! Let’s go back in time! The last decade of betrayed Empire Total Recall! Remember those days Star Wars for the first time! It's total daze! Together we watched Predator’s hunt Together we followed Forrest Gump Fighting for life on LV-426 We still respect you Corporal Hicks! We killed Rebenga for Green Card We found the Force on Dagoba We fought against the OCP And war-machines of series “T” Generation VHS Rewind the tapes Replay the days Generation VHS The past is far behind Forever blessed And now the age of Full HD We said goodbye to DVD But Casey Ryback crushing enemies Is still alive in the memories We ran through the jungle. Yeah! We got it! We loved the smell of napalm in the morning We were afraid to sleep at night As Freddie might come when we turned off the light We tried to fly on Airplane With Naked Gun in shaking hands We’ve found the Ark! We’ve found the Grail! We killed Nostromo’s Number Eight