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Follow me
5:21 48 0 6 лет
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Алексей Crab, Tim Adamack, Александр DGALEX
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Follow me (Single)
HD projects (г.Томск)
Verse 1: So here I am now On the crossroads so confused I need some help. But No one gives right way to choose. I wanna find someone eyes That can bring me back tomorrow I wanna find someone here Who will make me follow. Pre-hook: You came out of nowhere To give me strength, and Hook: Follow you... Verse 2: So here we are I am going next to you We are young and Have lots of crazy things to do Pre-hook: Take back all the strength that you gave to me 'Cause I'm strong enough to lead, so Hook: Follow me... Bridge: And..when you close your eyes..I will be right here... I will be near you... I will never let you go..... Oh... 'Cause I will follow you follow you follow you... Hook 1. Hook 2. Last hook: Follow me ( when you close) follow me (your eyes I'll be with you) Follow me (when you wake up)