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Beautiful & Lonely Heart I remember that days I wasted my time Under the cloudy sky And suddenly fortune brings in life Wide open rise Like burning star dark senses gone To show new reality We could find thousand reasons to hate and fail But you always find it more for loving Chorus 1: And I see your face so beauty in rain I see your smile I hope for I lost in time before I have found This beautiful and lonely heart Verse 2: You follow my joy and sorrows Deifying our relations One day Heaven said: «Now is the time to leave» Took away fairy dreamland Chorus 2 (silently): Where I saw your face in glorious rays Radiant smile delight me And I lost my mind before say goodbye To my beautiful and lonely heart Pre-Chorus: Nothing couldn't separate us Because the miracle not dies If you believe in So I see (again) Chorus 3: Your precious face in innocent rain Your shining smile I live for I've lost my life before you was mine Beautiful and lonely... No! My beautiful and lovely heart!