Give A Little Sweet Love'2012 [Mark Ashley cover]
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R.Kohler / D.Wiedeke
::: Give A Little Sweet Love Rain is falling in your heart It's tearing you apart No one cries forever Pain is living in your soul Don't lose your self-control No one dies forever – never Babe love is like a lonely dream – you know Tomorrow your love will come And you will find someone, girl Who loves you, Lady Give a little sweet love – don't cry When you're feeling alone and feeling blue Take a little sweet kiss – and smile Day by day – come what may Crazy nights – crazy days – in your fantasy Touch my soul– touch my heart – for eternity Love is life - life is love - baby can't you see Broken dreams –will be past – will be history Love is like a shining star So beauty like you are Feel a deep devotion Love will never be the same It's like a magic game Life is like the ocean – in motion Babe love is always on your mind – I feel Tomorrow you'll find your way When you leave yesterday, girl I swear you, Lady