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Crepe de chine создает музыку на стыке современного пост-брит-попа и арт-рока Как сюда попасть

Новеллы Проспера Мериме... 19.02.2017 13:00 Москва, Московский международный Дом музыки

Arrival From Sweden — ABBA SHOW с ... 10.02.2017 20:00 Москва, Крокус Сити Холл

In White

Wear me white Promise me not During the night What've you got? Sleep, sweety, tight Baby-blue eyes You are so bright Seeing you twice Darling, behold Cold is rising You will be told Feeling, resizing Cut me without Strip otherwise Open your mind Turning the dice Giving yourself Getting betrayal Dreaming to dwell Slow as a snail
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