Ja ne ponjala

(по мотивам песни Верки Сердючки «Я не поняла», написано в соавторстве с группой Е-02. СНИ) Even if you are a bit over thirty, There’s a chance to catch a prince very pretty, Since the sun in the sky Has no reasoning why Can’t a shop girl like a princess be treated. Well, we are not, thanks to God, little children. Oh, Mum, I wish your advice would be withdrawn. I would have him just tamed, I would make him well-trained. Though you don’t like my manner I’m a queenborn. Refrain: He would come to me, I would turn away, He would try to tempt me, I would leave. If he starts to weep, I will smile him sweet. That’s the way, is it? Well, I would make him wait For a month or longer I would make him nervous like a flea. But there’s no prince yet. Where is he, I wonder? Je n’ai pas compris! Refrain (Декабрь, 2003)
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