I wanted to see you And I noticed, that you are new, I wanted to see only you, You are new and it made me blue. Baby, I love you, Maybe, I'm not good for you, Sadly it is so, Maybe, I should go... I noticed that world is not clean, I noticed that the grass is not green, I noticed that true does mean nothing, Sadly it is so... Maybe, we should start over again, Baby, the world is already depleted, Somewhere someone wants world to be changed, But it'll never be... Maybe, we should be accustomed to it, Maybe, this world can become better, But, maybe, it will never be so... Sadly but it is so...
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Я написал это произведение думая о моей любимой Кристи, а затем как вы видите ушёл в проблемы мира...
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