The Opened Two

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The sound of the musical orchestra THE OPENED TWO is soft and calm, romantic and dreamy, sexy and happy. THE OPENED TWO sounds like bubbles and THE OPENED TWO sounds like bliss. Nevertheless, boys from the orchestra are searching their own tune, having experiments with rock-n-roll, acid-jazz and funk. Each of them was operated by different music styles, each of them swam in its own life-mainstream. Andrei (music, programming) cannot imagine his life without it; Stepan (music, vocal) has been in his own в "underground" for all his life, listening to the alternative music; Goga (beats) is a great fan of hip-hop music with a natural fashion sense. Boys knew that music has been their life since they were born. Once they met one another and began to create their unique music to prove everyone : there are no things in the world not to be mixed. At the moment the musical orchestra THE OPENED TWO has its first EP-CD "I Loved The Wind".
Yurko Koretniuk Промоутер
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