Fallen Sky

Together we lye upon this holy alter And pray that the sunshine be swept from the vultures The ugly result of a barbaric culture Like queen of spades beheading those who insult her A body of knowledge torn from its limbs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx9uSMeBnqM Your martyr bewilders what’s in store for him But those who seek healing will surely be kneeling Unstable and labeled, unable of feeling Incapable of hatred and love The faithful but armless reach for the above Pulling the clouds near, driven by fear Intent to invent heaven-sent, end is near Building a ladder to grasp the horizon So look around but you must keep your eyes on The lies and the size of the herd of the bison As it multiplies to embody the rising He who seeks answers in the light of the sun Shall ravage his eyes until blind and undone Empowered are cowards in days of the calling For you and I know the sky is as good as falling Stan Trofimov
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