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наверное кореянка
02 апреля 2011 в 21:16

Барышева Ангелина
12 августа 2010 в 06:12

lara lara
i\'m curious to see you singing i\'ll\' always love you whitney houston cause you have a good voice ! you should try ! carry on you\'re talented !
02 марта 2010 в 18:57

yelena evgeniya
very nice song sweet voice better than the other song it's my preferate song ! carry on ! talented girl ! cute photo also of a fairy little pretty girl ! good song
02 марта 2010 в 18:55

your darling hassan
forget those latin that have been wicked with you and forget your stereotypes ( like " blue eyes have to be with blue eyes" cause it's not true ) be more open minded less stereotyped ! kiss my darling my love
08 февраля 2010 в 12:09

hassan salaita from arabi
my darling be realistic you are like everybody & have nothing special . be yourself , not your fake lying marketing image ( you re not different , you're like all those girls, like all of them : when you'll forget yourself a little, be less narcissis less egocentric , think about peace in the world you 'll be happy now you've got it all wrong but as you love me i treat you will kiss see you your hassan salaita
02 февраля 2010 в 13:27

hassan salaita
my darling , don\'t worry we are still together but be realistic you are like everybody ! you have nothing special . but even if what i say is true, that\'s not a problem i still want you for yourself and not your marketing image ( you are not different but if you want not to be like all of them forget yourself a little be less narcissis and egocentric and think about peace in the world ! you \'ll be happy when you deserve it i\'ll help you as you love me i treat you will kiss see you
02 февраля 2010 в 13:22

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