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Наша студия находится в Москве. В студии работают профессиональные музыканты. Делаем аранжировки, записываем музыку к фильмам, снимаем клипы в формате HD и 4К. Пишем сценарии, песни и стихи на заказ. Приглашаем к сотрудничеству молодые коллектив Как сюда попасть
Chifa Chifa 
с появлением компа и VST появилась возможность записать то, что крутится в голове... Как сюда попасть


White flakes fall on the ground, but don't be afraid - this is just winter. Sing me a lullaby and we will wake up when the snow melts. Stay with me in these (fabulous) dreams where I'm flying in the sky. You're going to fly with me where there is no cold. And I don't want anything more, just dance with you. But dreams was over and only sorrow stayed with me. Flakes of snow falling from the sky, reminding you. I want to return to the warm heaven to soar again. I'm sorry, but the dance is over. I will not be with you. But I'll remember, always remember that the best sleep. Wait for me there one dark night, when will snow falls. I'll be there again will be there waiting for you always. So, my dear winter, do not torment me. Let me go out of your icy grip. I want warmth and tenderness of spring. Let me go, just let me go.
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