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Udmurtian Black metal !
Andrey Nikolaevich Dzuin Бас (бас-гитара, контрабас)
VedmakUnholy666 Владелец страницы
The History of the group Vedmak begins with autumn 2000 from fuckin' cristmas. Exactly at that time in city Izhevske has occurred the merging two people, naming itself as Antiy (striking) and Morok (the bassett hound). Following its creative searching for they have overacted with heap musician in different style and directions while, after nearly year, at October 2001 to him was not joined person (the name is not mentionned on his(its) own desire), initiated way of the command, on which she follows and on now. The First canto were primitiv in itself. This was damp cruel and gloomy áëýê-hurlled from most depths udmurtian wood. A little later, at December 2001, vocalist joins to group - Wolot. At this point of time speed parties striking and raspy sounds of the guitars started to accompany heart-rending squalled. At March of the following year composition musician is renewed second guitarist (Antesser). All this time group pursue the constant quest of the rehersal point, new instrument and attacks that, with whom happen to to divide the life space. In these condition command releases debut demo-record, dated by June 2002. Hereon give the row an UG concerto for narrow circle admirer persisting black. After one of such concerto, a part of public, as well as Morok and Antesser fall into all known organs of law and order on suspicion in defilement of the graves on town graveyard, but then all successfully release, beforehand having interviewed and take it "on pencil". the October 20 2002 group first once leaves on greater scene in their city. The Public snarlsunder gloomy hymns of the sullen quintuple. Vedmak gets get fat support in UG. December 2002 was signified by output from composition one of the participant groups (whose name again is not indicated). He abandons the command and working on its project. Remained foursome, Antiy, Wolot, Morok and Antesser, having moved on new rehersal base, are taken for composition of the new material, making now and then their own ferocious appearances on local scene. At April 2004 Vedmak finish record an debut album "Attack of hate", to which entered (aside from new song) rehersal version demo-record. The concerto wins back At May of the same year group in Naberzhnyh Canoe on one scene together with group Samhain. The Song "Hammer of the War" gets on izhevsk hurlled-compiling "Unholy Udmurtia".
Vedmak -2002 . Attack To Hate - 2004
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