SPARROW MUTANT - Russian Voodoo (Official Video)

186 2 года
Описание: SPARROW MUTANT - RUSSIAN VOODOO (Official Music Video)Russian VoodooRussian Voodoo is an ancient evil forest SpiritHe lives in primeval snowy Taiga.He holds the reins of the snow and frostanimals and birds.He is hostile to all people.Very dangerous!Russian Voodoo is mighty, bloodthirsty, ruthless.If someone is lost in the woods the evil Spirit haunts the prey.He is able to fully subdue the man.Will and mind from now on belong to him...Infinity...Emptiness...Loneliness...Very dangerous!BalalaikaRussian Voodoo (x5)---Music by SPARROW MUTANT feat. Shuran STEPANOFF Lyrics by Alexey SILCHENKOWriter, Director, Production Designer, Director of Photography, Post-production by Alexey SILCHENKO---РусскийРокКРЫМ social:facebook: facebook.com/groups/48924...VK: vk.com/russianrockcrimea---Thanx and Hello to: Димон & SPARROW MUTANT band, Игорь МАТВЕЕВ !!!, Инна СУХАРЕВА & WEB KAP videoblog !!!, Шуран СТЕПАНОВ, Елена САВЕЛИЕВА, Владимир КЛАДЬКО, Руслан КНЫШ, Елизавета ЛИТВИНОВА & сова Боня & Russian Voodoo Doll !!!--- "Russian Voodoo" is single released on April 3th 2016© 2016 EPIGONE production. All Rights Reserved
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