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Faceless Ambitions - Flames Of Love (cover version // FANCY)

Добавлено: 28.06.2016
Описание: Faceless Ambitions - Flames Of Love (cover version // FANCY) (Audio)This is not a commercial release. This is cover version. Single is absolutely FREE for download. Download here: Users can download it here: - long life!With lots of greetingsMaxim MikhaylovOriginal track: Flames Of LoveOriginal artist: FancyWitten: Weindorf, Fancy, SabrinaFaceless Ambitions - Flames Of Love (cover version // FANCY)voice, keyboards, guitars and programming: Maxim Mikhaylovproduced: Maxim Mikhaylovrecorded and mixed at Digital – Cube Records in 2016Follow Maxim Mikhaylov (Secret Land, Crimeanization, Faceless Ambitions) on:Website: http://www.maxmusicprojects.comTwitter:
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