Virtraven Dream

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Молодая экспериментально-индастриальная команда из города Красноярска, выступавшая на одной сцене с такими группами, как Nexus VI, Sin.thetic Squad, Panzertank, Otto Dix, Ege Of Caress, Infektline и.т.д. Музыка Virtraven Dream строится на отсутствии рамок жанра Electro Industrial, заключает в себе большое количество звуковых и композиционных экспериментов. Также присутствует чёткая идейная линия и насыщенные символизмом тексты.
Максим Владимирович Верг Директор
Max Verg Владелец страницы
The creative work of “Virtraven Dream” starts its way in Krasnoyarsk at the end of 2007, when Verg (Yuzofatov Maxim) a student of the journalistic faculty of The Siberian University as a solo-guitarist and a composer of the Krasnoyarsk band of “Blood poisoning” (aka “Zarazhenie Krovi”) begins to create musical material which is absolutely alien to this band. Meanwhile, his interest in the electro music, especially EBM, IBM, Industrial, Dark electro and different musical experiments rises sharply. First steps to write valuable compositions didn’t give a good result. The level of sounds leaved much to be desired. This fact was a motive to prolonged detailed learning the foundations of sound recording and their reduction. There were a lot of edifying films, musical literature fad conversations with qualified people. They are: Alexei “Neuromancer “ (Nexus VI band) and Yuri “Forest” (Chaos The Modul project). At the moment of creative searching, Verg got acquainted at the hostel with Grafix (Fokin Nikolay). He is a student of biological faculty of The Siberian University. There was a period of full-fledged existence of “Virtraven Dream” project. Grafix has got a great experience with work with musical equipment, because he worked as a DJ. Moreover, he’s got ability for composing music, which passages are noted for peculiar eccentricity and unstable harmonic sequence. Guys begun to work under this project within Experimental Electro Industrial frameworks… Later, Verg’s’s ex-groupmate Sclwn (Dmitri Komarov) joined to them as a second vocalist. Also Sclwn performs with Trip-Hop genre. So, there is an impressive and emotional recitative in “Virtraven Dream”. Guys actively perform and create new album “Be Divine Damnation” which conception is a desire to regenerate world-view and convey inner senses of a socially-dangerous hero. Inadaptability to the real existence, passions that make others feel panic, constant loneliness, unsuccessful attempts to adaptate, actions causes of which are unintelligible and denied by mass consciousness. The name itself as a dream of a virtual raven. In the spring of 2009 Grafix has left a command, having based the project [A.I]
[2008] - Be Divine Damnation; [2009] - Lyssophobia Trinity
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