Anacephal 1993-1996 Fear in your eyes. You`re the next to sacrifice. Blind as a hen. You will never leave my land. Soft as a wax. Deathly paled behind my axe. Dark. Sun is dead. Where is your back of the head? Trace of the victim I see. Corpse without brains you will be. It`s your death mark. So Scared like lamb under knife. Victimized in the dark... Brainhunter. Night is so cold. Time to feed my hungry Lord. Shock. Falls of pain. Haemorrhage into your brain. Hey! Get your fun! Ceremony has begun. One more hand-made anacephal. Creatures play with empty scull. Horrable future I see. Corpse without brains it is me. Black mark fires my hand. Altar. Blood as a rose. Time of payment for all... Brainhunter. Taste your fresh brains... No! Taste your fresh brains... No! Taste your fresh brains... Yeah! Take my fresh tasty brains! Tribute to Anacephal (2006-1996) by Senmuth Senmuth (2005) Слишком Долго и Пусто трек: Brainhunter (Anacephal's Cover) http://www.realmusic.ru/songs/147433 Anazmass (1996) Anazmes трек: Brainhunter http://www.realmusic.ru/songs/134829 Anacephal (1993-1996)
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