I'm The God

Im The God Im The God,Im The Creater. So Im The God,Im The Leader. Thus.I Wanna Break.All You Wanna Take. Im The God ,suckers,Im The Fake Im a sinner .i want to kill Everybody loves me ,yes.i kow how it feels. Am a jesus and im the bible But why don’t you think that im a liar I created armies and made a world war Forgave Magdalena but she was a whore Want to be surviver to stay by your side I organized funerals and the genocide Suicide-hell of light Antichrist-your honor list Death may belong to your sun May belong to for fun Killers always save theirs Promises, might light your honest life Must have your life contrast Have your pretty last time Clocks are stopped fighting For the light that can be your grave
70 2 года