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    ТОМАТЫ - это РОК из С.-Петербурга. Яркий и зажигательный! Сочный и освежающий! Вливайся в нашу музык...
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    Группа была основана в 1997 году на репетиционной базе в районе метро Кантемировская. Записав един...

Realm of the Sun

Since ancient times people believed the gods hear their prayers By sacrificing their own lives and the lives of the innocent They seeded blood strife for misdeeds and sins in the euphoria of murder. And I believed them, blindly giving all I had for the idea. Chorus: I want to come back to the East, At a time when it all took beginning. There, where among the suffocating incense Rapacious demons took away my peace. I need to go back to the ancestors to take my last fight. And I will bring tranquility that was lost in the bloody nights. Again, I'll go to the trail of war. I'll sprinkle my armor in red. I'll pray my sins with fragrant poison in the realm of the sun and death. (Chorus) Take me back to the realm of the sun and death. Give me rest in the realm of the sun and death.
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