Wasted Heroes

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Have you ever been drunken? What do you feel in the middle of the party? Does everything become easier!? Between the reality and consequences... All problems has gone! Anyone could be your friend!? You become a hero? Don't you? WASTED HERO!!! It is the top, the highest peak of you! Wasted Heroes play metal for you all and wish to be always on top!!!
Иван Вячеславович Жила Менеджер
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Started in 2008, Igor Kruglik, the main author and composer of the songs, decide to create a modern metal band. The first members became: Igor (voice, guitar). Oleg "Iron" Plitnik (solo guitar), Nick "Anterior" Ryhluk (bass). The guys began to work on the material with the only one vacancy problem - the drums. But Igor's life power and desire don't let them stop for a second. They make a debut in Kharkov in autumn 2008 by two concerts along with "Crazy Monkey", "SlaveSoul" and "Anahata". Sergey Radchenko helped as a drummer and was replaced by Kirill Myrochnichenko after these events. In the beginning of 2009 the band experienced final rotations. Unfortunately Oleg leave the band by personal intention but stay devoted fan of the "Wasted Heroes". The key event was that Igor switched to vocal only and hand over the guitar to Kirill (guitarist in the first place). The second guitar was taken by Andrew "War" Ivanov, which created a powerful tandem with Kirill. Ivan "Givoj" Zhyla (ex- Ex Animo) took place at the drum set. From here on Wasted Heroes begin their resolute walk to hearts and souls of metal fans not only in Ukraine (or: all around the world! :) ). During 2009 The band perform several concerts in eastern Ukraine visiting such cities as Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk and Kharkov sure. Quite often Wasted Heroes recieve perfect reviews and appreciations. A lot of people became the band's fans after seeing light first demo release "You can live forever" followed by "Another way" and "Scream into eternity" outstanding songs. In the nearest future the concert geography will be extended by Russian cities with other proposals in progress. Recieving numerous gig invitations the band don't want to make stoppings and anounced their first long-playing album, preliminarily named "Between The Worlds" and expected in the first quarter of 2010!
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Guitars, drums, vocal
[2009] You can live forever
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