Лясканова Анастасия Лясканова Анастасия 
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Анастасия Лясканова – русская певица, исполнительница народных песен, русских романсов, авторских песен. Лясканова Анастасия - певица, исполнительница народных песен русских романсов, произведений советских и современных композиторов. Как сюда попасть


Evening star is sparkling high In the spaciousness of sky, Night goes crazy. Guest of mine, you are too brave. Stones are rustling on the grave, I am raising... Do you really wanna know, Why my friend is the black crow On my shoulder? Don't you really wanna hide From the horror of the night? 'tis getting colder... Chorus: Ahey! Before it's too late, run away, Ahey! I think, you'd better shouldn't stay. I'm the cause why you are here. Evil spell makes you feel fear, You're enchanted. When the night onto earth falls, I go searching for lost souls, You are hunted! In the morning they will see Body drained of blood by me - Cruel lot! My crow's putting out your eyes. Can you still pray to the skies 'tis what I thought... Chorus: Ahey! It is too late to run away, Ahey! I think, you'd better shouldn't stay.
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