Марина Артемьева Марина Артемьева 
Откуда-то из сердца идет мое пение. Если песня не получилась - значит я не созрела для ее исполнения, надо через год послушать и спеть заново. Как сюда попасть
Республика Марс Республика Марс 
Российский хард-рок интернет проект «Республика Марс». География коллектива включает города: Новороссийск, Владивосток, Находка, Абакан. Как сюда попасть


Evening star is sparkling high In the spaciousness of sky, Night goes crazy. Guest of mine, you are too brave. Stones are rustling on the grave, I am raising... Do you really wanna know, Why my friend is the black crow On my shoulder? Don't you really wanna hide From the horror of the night? 'tis getting colder... Chorus: Ahey! Before it's too late, run away, Ahey! I think, you'd better shouldn't stay. I'm the cause why you are here. Evil spell makes you feel fear, You're enchanted. When the night onto earth falls, I go searching for lost souls, You are hunted! In the morning they will see Body drained of blood by me - Cruel lot! My crow's putting out your eyes. Can you still pray to the skies 'tis what I thought... Chorus: Ahey! It is too late to run away, Ahey! I think, you'd better shouldn't stay.
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