Zodiacalius Pathologoanatomos

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Vae Solis webmagazine ZODIACALIUS PATHOLOGOANATOMOS "Aqua Mori" demo 1998 Sorry, Orkkh, but "Aqua Mori" didn't impress me at all... This 25-minutes demo includes eleven tracks of primitive pseudo-black metal, performed exclusively with acoustic guitar (!) with typical BM screams / whispers. Sounds like ordinary punk with black metal vocals... (Herr Stalhammar) ZODIACALIUS PATHOLOGOANATOMOS "Raptus Melancholicus" rating: -6 of 6 Oops. Looks like I was wrong naming AMDUSCIAS' "Satarsa" the worst demo work I've ever heard. Now I know that I simply outraged ZODIACALIUS PATHOLOGOANATOMOS' guys this way, since it strikes as their aim's in creating worse and worse "music", seeming to beat all the possible rivals in achieving the purest musical apocalypse (in the worst sense of this word). Yes, musical - because I'm strongly convinced that they have already endured MENTAL apocalypse. "Raptus Melancholicus" appears as some kind of a horrible punk / black metal with NO ability to play and handle the instruments properly, with NO ability to compose AT LEAST repulsive stuff. No, it's beyond repulsion! Far, far beyond! What about those horrible distorted bass lines with using NO chords? A disaster. (review by Herr Stalhammar) ZODIACALIUS PATHOLOGOANATOMOS “Omnia Vincit Solus” rating: one orc out of six Surprisingly enough, I somehow resigned myself to voluntary torture… i.e. giving a listen to regular recordings ZODIACALIUS PATHOLOGOANATOMOS seem to spit out twice a year, or even more often. Just like other “works”, this one also has oh-so-enigmatic title in Latin and utter crap in terms of music… or better said, the lack of it. The same punk-black-pseudo-metal played with guitars put out of tune, using only a couple of chords (although, you’ll have to listen carefully in order to mark out that there’s at least one single chord used), also featuring those inimitable shrieks of a badly drunken Donald Duck. The very last “tune” off “Omnia Vincit Solus” is better, although still VERY far from what I usually consider not even “good-” but “bad music”. Please, enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (review by Herr Stalhammar)
"Aqua Mori" demo (1998); "Raptus Melancholicus" demo (1999); "Omnia Vincit Solus" demo (2001)
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