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Антон Дмитриев Лидер-гитара
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The band has born about five years ago in Latvia. Musical repertoire consisted mostly of light rock direction by that time. Along with the members rotation band’s style was changing cardinally and rapidly. The wish for something more interesting, more heavy, more aggressive has appeared after the band discovered Carcass’s “Swansong”. It was an exact definition of what band was searching for – an interesting mixture of melody and aggression. ZX SPECTRUM found such a synthesis very unusual and exciting; the band tries to carry it until the current moment. It’s different to define the band’s style, although some call it as death rock, death’n’roll or melodic death, however the band itself doesn’t care about the stylish boundaries at all. As to the lyric’s theme direction, it can be defined as a socially psychological, sometimes nihilistic, sometimes skeptic. There’s a man with its complexes, mistakes and problems at the center of the texts attention. In 2004 ZX SPECTRUM has recorded the first demo CD called “Not Really Demo”. The CD consisted of four own songs and one Carcass’s cover. The second demo CD “Human Herd” was recorded during summer of 2005 where where included nine own songs and a cover for Roxette (played in the band’s style manner). The entire recordings were made by the band itself using it’s own equipment and abilities. Besides the own songs guys have a lot of time to do the covers because of the quite frequent rehearsing as well. There are always a lot of new ideas, which are thoroughly worked out to get higher results. ZX SPECTRUM are full of enthusiasm and ready to accept all the offers and to work further.
"Not Really Demo", "Human Herd"
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