Небытие? Небытие? 
Наверное, самый странный рок ) P.S. Половину старых произведений скрыл, чтобы не мешались )) Ex. Поющий волк Как сюда попасть
Михаил Симург Михаил Симург 
Автор, композитор, исполнитель. http://vk.com/m.simurg Как сюда попасть


Dark roses of love - Not to feel, not to touch. You can tell me now, Cuz wasn't said too much. Let me understand What you really feel inside. I wish i would pretend To back-up our love tonight. 'Tired of heart-beat chase' - I can feel it your eyes. Why in the morning rays Should we keep this lies? Сh. But I stay with you. I love your funny smile. When you're not so cruel, The hearts won't divide. We are R&J. Don't you realize? Holding you tight I sink in your blue eyes. II. Bad times are gone, But you are not here. You're the one I love. I just want to feel you near. The world was for us. Now i just try, Losing my trust. I will not let you die! Ch. x2
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