«the Deadly agony in industrial rhythms».

Title: Antuan GraftioC 2009 «the Deadly agony in industrial rhythms». Label: Industrial LAB Records Format: Mixed CD (+ *.cue), Limited Edition Style: Electronic Release Date: 10-Aug-2009 Quality: 320 kbps / 44,1 kHz Total Time: 02h:15m:34s Size: ~330 Mb · Against world financial crisis decaying wounds have become aggravated and without that. · Last factories and factories stop, people lose work, the government, being afraid for own safety strengthens and without that the corrupted vertical. · The country slowly once again plunges into a gloom and a cold. · Last deadly agony which duration the wise man cannot foresee even will soon, very soon begin. · Robbery, violence and the murders, new companions of future time and only cold industrial rhythms warm souls’ lost mind from disappointment of people. · For this reason the name of my new album: «the Deadly agony in industrial rhythms». 1_The_gas_chamber 2_The_new_warrant 3_Aggression_peak 4_Monochrome_movement 5_The_gloomy_man 6_Way_of_the_woman 7_Children_of_industrial_region 8_Stuffy_walls 9_Infernal_mill_of_system 10_The_Indian_silicone 11_Gallant_murder 12_Reliable_loop_of_suicides 13_Alarm 14_Prison_restoration 15_Nails_of_your_head 16_Ballad_about_a_megacity 17_Voice_laces 18_The_emptiness_symphony 19_Isoterichesky_refined_style 20_Regeneration_of_cages 21_New_type 22_After_an_apocalypse 23_The_mixed_fruit_rhythms 24_Fate_and_jazz 25_In_search_of_style 26_Freedom_song 27_Cold 28_Pain 29_Veins 30_New_generation http://depositfiles.com/files/zjb7v6j5j http://depositfiles.com/files/hbsaqm5tl http://depositfiles.com/files/1ermlacsk http://depositfiles.com/files/7g81xtbyp
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