Demon Twelwe

Demon spoken with me in last night He tell me story about my life I cross he`s patch one day ago he steall my soul and shattered my eyes NOW!!!HE HAVE POWER OVER ME!!! demon: Strange occurrence i spoke with you You slave of christ, feeble intellect My mission recruit new soul in brotherhood And you!fucked man!you will die when i demaaand! man: NOW I KILL!!!NOW MY FRIEND MY ENEMY!!! NOW!!DEMON indicate victim for my bloody haaand Kill and destroy all christ slave this point of destination One!! final in this way Earth in chaos and.. hail demon brotherhood!! demon: My toy!!My victim!!my executor!!! I greet my brothers and followers of SataN! We kill all on this fucking planet!! Burn all human on hell fire!! disembowel all living soul! trident of satan need young blood! All virgins must rape all human must tear to pieces all child must quartered And his remains be hang on stake IT must be a warning to next man: Yes my lord i feel new blood my hand cute body my fit of temper eat me I MUST KILL!!!! Little lady see on me She`s eyes full of gasoline My heart its dark I stay indifferent knife kill she and demon laught this sacrifith for my lord! death and fire arround Crying woman and massive destruction! THIS PUNISHMENT OF SATAN!!! ACCORDING TO YOUR MERITS!!!
История создания:
Ничего серьезного да и к тому же не шибко грамотная,старая композиция на тему демона и человека)))Мы нашли это довольно забавным но ! не серьезным)))
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